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Nice to meet you! I am the owner and grower, Stephanie Wittemann (I’m the one without the beard). I am originally from Alaska and have enjoyed living in both Oregon and Virginia before moving to Florida with my husband and three boys in 2012. All along my journey, I’ve had a passion for and have dabbled in gardening, flower arranging, landscaping, and houseplants.

When a friend told me about microgreens, I began a fascinating journey into how to grow and eat them as well as their unique health benefits. For the first year, I researched and trialed many varieties, and together with the support of my family and friends and my entrepreneurial spirit, ROOTED was born. Since then, I have grown (pun intended) in so many ways. Set-backs and challenges will always be a part of life, but they do not define us if we are rooted in something bigger, stronger, and certain.

Join me on this new journey into the amazing world of living food, how we can grow it easily ourselves and benefit not only our health, but our community as well.

We are a woman-owned and family-operated business.

My Mission


At ROOTED, our mission is to offer the freshest, highest quality microgreens to our local community through home delivery, markets, caterers and restaurants. We strive to keep learning and educating ourselves and you on the wide array of health benefits, how to enjoy them, and how to grow microgreens effectively on your own. Every purchase gives back to our community through local charities and we thank YOU for making that possible. We are sure that once you become a customer, you will always be a customer.

they're so cute...

But What Are Microgreens?

Vegetables, lettuce, and herbs, oh my! Smaller than baby greens, but larger than sprouts, microgreens and shoots are ready to consume within 7-21 days of planting. So, not only are they a quick crop for the table, but super healthy! Research shows they can contain up to 40% more vitamins and minerals by weight than their mature counterparts. But wait, there’s more! Microgreens aren’t just packed with nutrition, but flavor. Because they are so young, these babies are tender, crisp, and sweeter than their larger selves. And since they’re so small when harvested, there’s no prep needed. In summary, they’re cute, super healthy, and if you buy them from us, they’re ultra-fresh. So, you’re supporting the local economy, promoting your health, and trying something new.