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Proud Members of fresh from Florida

The “Fresh From Florida” program represents all of the agriculture-related sectors in the beautiful state of Florida, including horticulture, citrus, other fruits and vegetables, cattle, field crops, seafood, aquaculture, viticulture, and many more. It promotes ongoing efforts to help Florida’s farmers bring fresh and healthy foods to the Americas and beyond.

loved by our clients and customers

Because of our strict, environmentally-friendly, organic growing methods, the wide variety of microgreens we offer, and our delivery options, our customers – individuals, families, and businesses – give us consistently high ratings and bless us with their repeat business. If you’re not already one of our “regulars”, please give us a try!

giving back to our community

Giving back to our community gives us a greater sense of purpose. We wake up each day knowing we’re able to do something meaningful, looking forward to each time we affect positive change on people who have touched our hearts. It’s an indescribable, mesmerizing feeling that we constantly hope everyone will experience. One which is only made possible by you – our wonderful customers and clients.

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