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Microgreens are very young, very nutritious, very flavorful vegetables, lettuces and herbs in which the entire plant is edible. Some people confuse them with sprouts. Sprouts contain the roots, whereas microgreens are simply the plant’s stem and first two leaves. Sprouts are grown in the dark in only water. Our microgreens are grown in organic soil with LED lights or sunshine and organic fertilizer, meaning they contain more nutrients, color, and flavor. Microgreens are younger than baby greens like you see at the grocery store. They are more tender, flavorful, and definitely fresher. Our microgreens also have a smaller carbon footprint, of course. They are only traveling down the street from farm to table, rather than thousands of miles.

They are very versatile. You can truly put them on most anything from salads and sushi, sandwiches and wraps, pitas and pizza, tacos and tapas, ceviche and cocktails, smoothies and snacks, appetizers, soups, and desserts. Some have a stronger than life flavor (basil, cilantro, radish, and mustard) while others are mild (sunflower, pea, and amaranth).

We recommend enjoying them within the week for the best flavor and highest nutritional value, but you can make them last longer by keeping harvested greens refrigerated in a dry, airtight container and placing a dry paper towel inside. With our living microgreens, we recommend harvesting and enjoying them sooner than later for the strongest flavor and most tender greens.

Our harvested greens are delivered to you within hours of cutting. While this is much fresher than any greens you would buy at the grocery store, there is only one way to get them even fresher… Living Microgreens! Still growing, still needing water and sunlight, these small plants have the highest concentration of nutrients when you harvest as needed.

We are family owned and operated, 100% organically grown, earth-friendly packaging (paper instead of plastic), largest selection with over 30 varieties offered. Our passion is to give back to our community through non-profits specializing in caring for the less fortunate in Brevard County #givinggreens.

Nope, but we use only the highest quality certified GMO-free and untreated seeds, OMRI listed soil, pH balanced and filtered artesian well water (no city contaminates), and zero soaps or chemicals on our products.

It sure is! With the right seeds, soil, water, sunlight, and a little daily attention, microgreens take anywhere from 5-30 days from planting to harvest. We offer a variety of grow kits for those interested in giving it a go.

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Our farm is located at our home in Melbourne Beach, FL. While we are not open to the public, we love showing off from time to time and encourage scheduled visits!

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